Teachable Moments: December 14

I had the privilege of listening to two middle school boys study for their civics test today.

One of them called Betty Friedan “Betty Freedman,” but it’s not bad because their civics curriculum teaches them about feminism!

Middle school boasting: “You know about the feminists and the environmentalists but I know about the Black Panthers, you fool!”

Me: “Do you need help?”                                                                                 Student: “We don’t need your handouts!”

Student 1: “Anne hates me in but in a friendly way.”                             Student 2: “Anne hates me in a violent way.”

“And then JFK is like uh uh uh, you can’t do that.”

“Just google George Wallace being a nice guy or something like that.”

“I have in my notes Betty Freedman that feminist mystique chick.”



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