Teachable Moments: April 4

Somewhere above the clouds

between Boston and DC

Glamour’s Cindi Leive asks:

“Some of the most successful women I interview

tell me

that they’re doing what they loved doing at seven years old.”

I smile.

Seven year old Pauli was allowed to grade her mother’s Spanish quizzes

but only the multiple choice parts

and only if I held the pen carefully

and did not make my “x” too big.

Seven year old Pauli begged for chunky Steve Madden black slides

like her fashion-forward first grade teacher

and upon receiving them

dubbed them

“Miss Pettei shoes.”

On Saturday mornings seven year old Pauli

got out her whiteboard that her parents bought at Staples

with her very own whiteboard markers

and recreated the week’s lesson for an invisible class.

Even the discipline.

Seven year old Pauli made mock worksheets

for her most faithful audience

her mother

and taught lessons about concepts she didn’t quite understand.

Seven year old Pauli

would be so proud of me now.


Not only do I get to grade my own quizzes

(and the entire quiz to boot)


I get to hand them back

to real students.



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