A Conversation Between A White Male Writer and an Editor

WMW: writes about culturally cutting edge things like trigger warnings, Game of Thrones, and gentrification. Took an intro to feminist philosophy class ten years ago. Dated a black woman once for three weeks. Loves Emma Watson. Favorite book is The Sun Also Rises. Only drinks cold-brewed coffee with soy milk. 

Editor: Rose to the top of important publication without ever writing a piece that addresses race. Now makes enough to live in the “good” parts of Brooklyn. Fifth pitch of the day, needs to leave in about fifteen minutes to get the prescription renewed on her Warby Parkers. 

WMW: I’ve got it. I’m just fascinated by the rise of activism and oversensitivity on college campuses. Plus, I googled Oberlin once, so I think I understand the basics.

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A Serenity Prayer for Interactions With Exes

Ah, Jess Mariano. Classic Ex.

I totally forget where I read this, but I believe it to be true: You’re truly over an ex when seeing them is not an event. You run into them, and you do not feel the need to text your best friend “SPOTTED: DOUCHENUGGET* IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARY” or having an internal monologue that sounds like “SHIT SHIT FUCK NOT PREPARED FOR THIS AVOID EYE CONTACT OK I THINK SHE’S GONE NOW PHEW.” They’re just a person with a face. That you saw.

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