Oops, I Did It Again

Well friends, I did say my dating hiatus would be temporary.

I don’t know if it’s the wine. I don’t know it’s the fact that I stupidly hate preparing my lunch for the next day and will do just about anything to procrastinate doing it. I don’t know if dating is like childbirth and you do it again and again thinking that this time will be less painful than the last.

But, I was just telling my friend Savannah that I would wait to get the rest of my shit together before getting back in the dating scene and here I am tonight, clothes strewn all over my room because I don’t have a proper bureau, on OkCupid.


Wish me luck!

(or don’t, depending on how entertaining you want these columns to be)


In Praise of Dry Spells

I’ve often found that my post-grad life with my female friends resembles a less glamorous version of Sex and the City. Although we talk about many other wonderful things, such as our fledgling careers, great books we’ve read, friendship, and our pets’ escapades, the situation often morphs into a bunch of women discussing our sex lives in public places. All we need are the Mahnolo Blahniks.

Let’s face it: I already have a blog and a laughable salary.

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