Get Drunk and Talk to Your Exes

I’m sorry readers, I totally fooled you. You thought I was deep. But, I recently had the same philosophical discovery as Kylie Jenner:

Same, gurl. 

One of the things I realized is that I am not great at expressing emotional vulnerability with romantic partners. I’m much more open with my friends, and I started that journey in the fall of my senior year of college when I had to explain to the people who loved me that I was getting my anxiety under control. But I haven’t done a great job of letting my romantic partners see my anxious side, mostly because I wanted to ignore my own issues and act as if I was perfect so that everything would just get better on its own.*

*I do not recommend this strategy.  

Until recently, I hadn’t really explain my post-breakup feelings to any of my romantic partners. Instead, I decided to tell the internet. But that’s kind of a cop out. Although the things I wanted to say were getting out there, they weren’t reaching the people who actually needed to hear them.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I had a couple of glasses of red wine and had an honest conversation with one of my exes. And you know what? It was GREAT!

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A Good Editor is Hard to Find

Have you ever wonder who reads my posts before they go public? Who listens to nascent blog ideas when they’re in the word-vomit stage? On this one year blogiversary, I would be remiss if I did not publicly thank two of my friends who are also my editors. The Part-Time Diary would not exist without them. Or, it might exist, but with more excessive semi-colons, half-finished ideas, and IDEAS IN ALL CAPS THAT I WRITE TO MYSELF AS NOTES AND WOULD FORGET TO DELETE IF SOMEONE DIDN’T TELL ME TO.

(see? that sentence ends in a preposition. Too bad I can’t run my post about my editors by my editors).

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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

I have to state the obvious: the capitalist, misogynist, racist, transphobic, xenophobic, ableist, elitist state did not originate with Donald Trump.

Instead, activist organizations have been working for years to eradicate injustice in the world. Some of you have seen Jezebel’s comprehensive list of organizations that need your support.

I’d like to highlight some non-profits that I have personally donated to you may have overlooked. Smaller local non-profits need your love and your dollars. If you are able to, I hope you consider making a donation today, and truly putting your money where your mouth is.

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After the Astrologer

Like many great ideas, it started in a bar. On a sultry evening in July, I gathered with three of my friends from college at a dive bar in the East Village. As we traded work experiences, campus gossip, and various cheap cocktails, my friend Allie breathlessly sang the praises of an astrologer she had visited earlier in the month.

“I walked in to Deborah’s apartment, and she looked me up and down and said, ‘Well, aren’t you in need of guidance!'” she reported. “And I said, ‘You’re right, I am! Her session changed my life. My sister even visits her weekly.”

It was all the persuasion I needed to book a session with Deborah the astrologer. In that moment of a long and underwhelming summer, I too was in need of guidance. I had left Boston with a year of teaching experience, a job offer, and a clean slate awaiting me in August. I had also experienced a short relationship that left me pondering about what I really needed and wanted in a partner. All I desired was some reassurance: was I going the right way? And why did I insist on falling in love with men who already had girlfriends?

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No Estoy Con Ella (And Here’s Why)

Before everyone jumps down my throat, let me make one thing clear: I will vote for Hillary Clinton. This is not the post of a disgruntled Bernie fan. I voted for Hillary in the primaries because, when thinking about the issues that matter most to me and make the biggest difference in my everyday life, I trust that Clinton will protect reproductive rights, improve the educational system, and institute better policies for working families. I respect Clinton’s intelligence, career experience, and track record of making changes for (mostly white) women.

But, I still feel super uneasy about voting for Clinton. As a Latina, I am critical of her actions toward Latinx voters as well as her foreign policy record in Latin America. As these two facets of my identity are inseparable, it has left me feeling highly uncomfortable about my choice in this election. Basically, I can vote for the woman who is friends with the man who helped to orchestrate the Chilean coup, or I can vote for a rapist Cheeto who will almost certainly increase deportations exponentially.

Young people of color deserve better options in this election. Here’s why.

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